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Best Print Hungary

The products of Alföldi Printing House have been awarded in 3 categories in Best Print Hungary Competition 2018: Gold prize: 1 +1 printed hard cover book – Náray Tamás: Zarah Bronze prize: 1 +1 printed hard cover book – Szabó...

New paper preparing building

Alföldi Printing House Ltd. has just finished the construction of a new paper preparing and conditioning building suitable for storing 960 pallets. This is the first time in Hungary to build a storehouse with such a big...

Our history


Hardly a century has passed, since the printing crafts had been revolutionary reformed by Gutenberg’s invention when the first ecclesiastical printed material was published in Hungarian, in Debrecen in 1561. Péter Méliusz Juhász Calvinist preacher and Gál Huszár printer made their first book which contained the explication of St. Paul’s letters. Fostering the culture in national language, augmenting its values and preserving the art of books have been strengthening the bonds between the printers and the town for the last half millennium. 


Our modernized machinery, customized for our specific jobs has widened our product palette.

We provide wide range of new solutions for our customers to bring our bookprinting profile to the forefront.

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